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Our Disposable Table Cloths are made of cellulose paper. Polyethylene coating is applied to prevent liquid from flowing to the bottom, so it absorbs the liquid. Our Disposable Table Cloths are produced in two-layer, four-layer, single-layer leaf wraps and bulk in order to provide ease of use according to customer demand. It offers ease of use with the variety of dimensions and windings produced.

In addition, the disposable (disposable) tablecloth keeps the table constantly clean. Disposable tablecloths have recently become a preferred product for picnics, wedding dinners, Iftar meals, organizations because of its practical and economical nature.
We produce disposable tablecloths with logo or special pattern printed on demand. As a manufacturer, we have contract manufacturing for packaging companies in mass production. Our company, which exports abroad, can issue export registered invoices to export companies that order in line with demand.

Cover Width: 100 CM
Cover Length: 100 CM / 120 CM / 140 CM /150 CM
Parcel Inner Quantity: 100 CM -300 Pieces / 120 CM -300 Pieces 140 CM- 200 Pieces / 150 CM -200 Pieces